Connecting the world

We will be a bridge between the world and Japan with our trading business
and create a society where people can smile more through its business.


About us

Lala Trading is established after 15 years of trading experience with suppliers all over the world. We have trade experiences with companies in Europe, Africa, Greece, the USA, etc.

We discover unique products and spread them from all over the world to Japan, reduce the distance from oversea through the products and develop a business that makes all domestic and foreign people smile.

The representative of Lara Trading has long experience in the wine business and is a certified sommelier in Japan.
We value discovery and diversity, just the same as each wine has its own unique character and you never know till you open it. And sharing the wine with your company is more than valuable.

Lala Tradingは、世界中のサプライヤーと15年にわたる貿易経験を経て設立されました。主にヨーロッパ、アフリカ、ギリシャ、アメリカなどの企業との貿易実績があります。



Our Service

Trade Business

We find unique products that are not yet seen in Japan as well as practical and interesting products from overseas, and import directly from the suppliers.

We make it easier for you to become familiar with oversea products, and help you know the ideas and fun about those products.




We use crowdfunding which has been getting more and more attention in Japan.
Also as it has a big promotion effect, it is very effective for test marketing.

As it is very effective for branding and media development, it enhances product originality.



Sales Channel

We develop sales channels through wholesale to volume retailers, collaboration with Japanese manufacturers, and online sales at EC sites in Japan.


Our Efforts

To enhance our business, we partnered with import business consultant Hideaki Otake, an import business consultant who is the crowdfunding official partner that has accomplished over 400 million yen in total over the last 3 years.