About us 会社概要

Lala Trading is established after 15 years of trading experience with suppliers all over the world.
We have trade experiences with companies in Europe, Africa, Greece, the USA, etc.

We discover unique products that are not yet seen in Japan as well as practical and interesting products from overseas to make it easier for you to become familiar with overseas products, and to help you know the ideas and fun about those products.

We will spread innovative products from all over the world to Japan, reduce the distance from overseas through the products, and develop a business that makes all domestic and foreign people smile. 

The representative of Lara Trading has especially long experience in the wine business and is a certified sommelier in Japan.
We value diversity, just as each wine has its own unique character.

Lala Tradingは、15年にわたる世界中のサプライヤーとの貿易経験を経て設立されました。ヨーロッパ、アフリカ、ギリシャ、アメリカなどの企業様との貿易経験があります。



Lala Trading の代表はソムリエの資格を保有しており、特にワインビジネスに精通しています。